George's Show Results

Show Results - Calarose Over The Moon (George)

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
17th November 2019
Judge: Mandy Pett ( Rumwood)
2nd Limit Dog
Critique: Different type to my first placed dog but a Quality boy. Balanced head piece with good dark eye and correct ear set. Good reach and set of neck, with correct fore and rear assembly. Straight front and rear legs on catlike feet. Balanced Body proportions with good reach and drive on the move.

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriever Club
3rd November 2019
Judge: Mr Jose M Doval
Vhc Limit Dog

Gundog Society Of Wales
16th October 2019
Judge: Mr A McKiernan
Reserve Limit Dog

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd
15th September 2019
Judge: Ann Hagger
2nd Limit Dog
Critique: I liked this boy who has a lovely outline. He is mature and was shown in full light gold coat and feathering, He is made really well with a good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders with correct upper arm, nicely shaped at the rear end. He moved straight and true.

Richmond Championship Dog Show
8th September 2019
Judge: David Shields
Vhc Limit Dog

Bournemouth Canine Association
11th August 2019
Judge: Mr J Horswell
3rd Mid Limit Dog

Gundog Championship Show
4th August 2019
Judge: Sue Barnes
4th Mid Limit Dog

The Golden Retriever Championship Show
21st July 2019
Judge: Paula Edward
3rd Mid Limit Dog

East Of England Championship Show
7th July 2019
Judge: Emma Archibald
3rd Mid Limit

Windsor Championship Dog Show
29th June 2019
Judge: Mr Eddie Webster
Reserve Mid Limit

Three Counties Championship Dog Show
9th June 2019
Judge: Mrs Jean Griggs
1st Limit Dog, RCC Dog
Critique: Where do I start to comment on this class except to say it was by a mile the strongest class I have ever judged. If ever a Mid Limit Class was needed today was the day ! Several dogs that didn't make the first cut were well worthy of a stud book number and without exception the rest could have won the class. It was both a joy and a challenge to judge. 1st: COOK Mrs W Calarose Over The Moon JW Finally, after 2 cuts and a great deal of deliberation, I made this beautiful blond boy the winner due to his true ground covering movement displaying both good reach and drive. He had to be on top form today and in my opinion, true to his name, he shone. Very pleased to award him the Reserve Dog CC.

National Championship Dog Show
12th May 2019
Judge: Mr Jan-Erik Ek
Vhc Mid Limit Dog

Golden Retriever Club Of Northumbria Championship Show
5th May 2019
Judge: Mrs N Hughes ( Aymsbury )
1st Mid Limit
Critique: One I have done well before and not disappointed this time. A dog with plenty of substance, shown, well presented, as always, in full bloom. Lovely outline, shown free standing. Masculine, broad skull with kind, soft expression. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulder placement. Level topline with good tailset. Good angulation, front and rear. Deep through the heart, placing legs well under him with good spring of rib. Straight front. Good bend of stifle, enabling him to move with power and drive around the ring.

Northern Golden Retriever Association Championship Show
6th April 2019
Judge: Miss Julie Merrick
Vhc Mid Limit Dog

South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
17th March 2019
Judge: Mr Ray Scholes
VHC Limit Dog

Southern Golden Retriever Championship Show
3rd March 2019
Judge: Mrs P Wilson ( Pearlbarn)
Reserve Limit Dog

The Golden Retriever Club Of Wales
17th February 2019
Judge: Mrs Anne Falconer ( Siatham)
Reserve Limit Dog

Boston General Championship Show
4th January 2019
3rd Limit Dog