Harry's Show Results

Show Results - Calarose Shining Star (Harry)

The East Of England Championship Dog Show
10th July 2016
Judge: Pat Tuck
4th Yearling Dog

Three Counties Championship Dog Show
9th June 2016
Judge: Miss C Fry
3rd Yearling Dog

Southern Counties Canine Association
5th June 2016
Judge: Sue Pounds- Longhurst
1st Yearling Dog
Critique: Impressive four square free upstanding pale cream boy with all the essentials. Not overdone but exudes masculinity with powerful level movement that improved as he settled into his class. Well set on neck, straight front leading to correct cat like feet & right amount of bone for size. Good balanced angulation fore & aft held together with a firm level topline & body with good depth. Base on his lovely action & construction I considered him for honours but felt he needed a little more time.

Bath 88th Championship Dog Show
29th May 2016
Judge: M Sillence
3rd Yearling Dog

National Dog Championship Show
5th May 2016
Judge: Mr Hans Van Den Berg
1st Under graduate
Critique: Short coupled, very nice head with dark eye & good earset, needs a stronger muzzle, excellent angulation in front & rear, level topline, good croup, liked his movement alot.

Northern Golden Retriever Association
2nd April 2016
Judge: Sue Norris ( Molestream )
1st Under graduate
Critique: Well grown cream. Balanced head with dark eye & pigment. Good length of neck leading to prominent forechest & correct front assembly. Level topline & tailset. Just needs to develop in rear quarters for total balance. Moved very well with strong measured strides.

Southern Golden Retriever Society Championship Show
28th February 2016
Judge: Mrs A P Hagger ( Fairfield )
2nd Under Graduate Dog
Critique: A dog with a very pleasing outline. Excellent reach of neck flowing into his shoulder angulation which is clean & correct. Could be a little straighter in front & shorter in the loin but has well angled quarters, gentle but masculine head that has good pigment, nice eye & kind expression. Looked very smooth & fluid on the move.

UK Paper Leisure Club
31st January 2016
Judge: Sheena Lill (Rosbercon)
3rd Graduate