Ruby's Show Results

Show Results - Calarose Precious Gem (Ruby)

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
17th November 2019
Judge: Josie Lees
Vhc Yearling Bitch

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriever Club
3rd November 2019
Judge: Mrs Janet Buckingham
2nd Yearling Bitch

Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show
25th October 2019
Judge: Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
5th Yearling Bitch

Gundog Society Of Wales
16th October 2019
Judge: Mrs D Veron
3rd undergraduate Bitch

Richmond Championship Dog Show
8th September 2019
Judge: David Shields
3rd Junior Bitch

City Of Birmingham Canine Association
1st September 2019
Judge: Jim Richardson
Reserve Junior Bitch

Bournemouth Canine Association
11th August 2019
Judge: Mr J Horswell
3rd Mid Limit Dog

Southampton & District Canine Association Open Show
20th July 2019
Judge: Dale Elliot
2nd Junior, 3rd Post Grad
Critique: Pretty feminine mid gold bitch with soft expression and good pigment. Correct angulation fore and aft, Short strong couplings.

Hampshire Gundog Open Show
14th July 2019
Judge: Gary Foreman (Ambersun)
3rd Junior ,3rd Yearling, 4th undergraduate

Yeovil & District Canine Society Open Show
13th July 2019
Judge: Claudia Vickers
3rd Junior, 3rd Novice

East Of England Championship Show
7th July 2019
Judge: Emma Archibald
5th Tyro Bitch

Three Counties Championship Dog Show
9th June 2019
Judge: Mrs Jean Griggs
Reserve Junior Bitch

Southern Counties Canine Association Championship show
2nd June 2019
3rd Junior Bitch

Reading & District Kennel Association Premier Open Show
29th May 2019
Judge: Merriol Haselden
Vhc Junior, Vhc Yearling, Reserve Novice

Christchurch & New Forest Canine Society
19th May 2019
Judge: Sheila Linter
2nd Junior, 2nd Post Graduate 1st Open
Critique: Good length to neck, nice straight front, compact in body & well angulated front & rear. Good spring of rib, level topline which she holds on the move. Very well muscled throughout , free flowing movement with good drive from the rear.

Devon County Show
17th May 2019
Judge: Linda Thompson (Corsemaul)
3rd Junior, 2nd Post Graduate
Critique: Another lovely young bitch, sweetest of heads and expressions, good length of neck and well laid-back shoulders, good level topline and well angulated rear, correct tailset and good tight feet, not as positive movement as first.

Marlborough & District Canine Society Open Show
6th May 2019
Judge: Mrs L Wedge
3rd Junior, 2nd Novice, 2nd Graduate

Golden Retriever Club Of Northumbria
5th May 2019
Judge: Mrs P Leonard ( Wynrita )
Reserve Novice, Reserve Under Graduate

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society
26th April 2019
Judge: Wendy Andrews
4th Junior Bitch, 3rd Novice Bitch

S.W.Golden Retriever Club Open Show
20th April 2019
Judge: Mrs Sue Riley ( Wylloh )
3rd Junior Bitch, Reserve Novice Bitch

South Western Gundog Club Open Show
20th April 2019
Judge: Marion McAngus ( Greyfus )
3rd SP Yearling, Reserve Novice

Camberley & District Canine Society Open Show
14th April 2019
Judge: David McCubbin ( Contar)
3rd Junior, 3rd Post Graduate

Wellingborough & District Canine Society Open Show
13th April 2019
Judge: Lara Williams
2nd Junior, 2nd Post Graduate
Critique: Slightly stronger type to one but still worthy of her placing. Balanced bitch with feminine head and good pigment. Clean strong neck placed on well laid shoulders, good bone, straight in front, good angulation front and rear. Moved well holding her topline.

Windsor Gundog Society Open Show
3rd April 2019
Judge: Jan Gannaway-Jones (Scarisbrick)
2nd Puppy, Reserve Novice

Bridgwater & District Canine Society Open Show
31st March 2019
Judge: Mike Masters
Reserve Junior

Bristol & District Dog Club Open Show
24th March 2019
Judge: Eileen Hughes
Vhc Puppy, 3rd Junior

Exeter & County Canine Society Open Show
23rd March 2019
Judge: Jane Lilley (Kensing)
3rd Puppy

South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
17th March 2019
Judge: Mrs P Bevis
VHC Puppy Bitch

Southern Golden Retriever Championship Show
3rd March 2019
Judge: Mrs Pat Taylor (Pandreft)
Reserve Puppy Bitch

Guildford & District Canine Society Open Show
2nd March 2019
Judge: Arianna Rosellini-Briscoe (1st Class)
1st Puppy Bitch, 1st Junior & 2nd Special Yearling
Critique: Well balanced big boned 11 month old puppy, lovely head and expression, good pigmentation and correct scissor bite. Clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders, well developed chest for age. Correct back angulations. Correct topline that she held on the move. Happy mover. Very promising puppy.

Kent County Canine Association
24th February 2019
Judge: Mrs Michele Jankelow
1st Puppy 1st Junior Best Of Breed, Best Puppy
Judge: Miss H A Upton ( Raydack)
4th Gundog Group, 1st Puppy Group
Critique: Puppy - Very correct bitch that showed quality throughout. Well balanced and moved forward with good push from behind.Excellent well-proportioned head with round beautiful expressive eyes.Good topline, strong back and shows tremendous promise. As a nine-month-old puppy she showed confidence and obedience. Superb deep chest and well sprung ribs. A very good top and under coat.
Junior - A beautiful feminine head with wonderful eye expression, excellent size jaw for breed type, perfectly set on ear & head well placed onto neck with an excellent shoulder & topline. She moved confidently & freely forward with good push from behind. Superb second thigh.

Chichester & District Canine Society
27th January 2019
Judge: Mr J.A. Barney (Romaunt)
1st Puppy, Best Puppy In Breed
Critique: Preferred overall balance of this youngster. A bit more together on the move. Good topline, bone & feet. Well ribbed back. Well made rear construction showed on the move driving off well.

Worcester & Malvern Open Show
12th January 2019
Judge: Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)
2nd AV Puppy
Critique: 9 month old bitch, looking nicely balanced when stood. She has a feminine head, lovely dark expressive eyes, and attentive to her handler. Well bodied with depth of brisket and spring to the ribs. Holding a firm topline, lovely width to her quarters. Moving out with purpose not quite the precision of winner today

Boston General Championship Show
4th January 2019
4th Minor Puppy Bitch 3rd Puppy Bitch

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Open Show
1st January 2019
Judge: Mr John Millward (Eldersfield)
2nd Minor Puppy 2nd Puppy
Critique: Another one that I liked a lot and one that will pick up her share of red cards. Solid, compact and balanced girl who looked outstanding in profile. Good bone, straight in front and level top line. Well presented, handled well and moved steadily. Lovely feminine and well proportioned head. Very good layback of shoulder and super rear angles. Will look out for her future results